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There are limited number of power RV spots located on venue property and will be a first come reservation status only with a non-refundable fee of $25. There is no dumping station on venue, so if bringing RV please prepare properly.
Most campsites do not come with power at this time.

It will be cold weather at night and during the day with low temperatures. Please pack accordingly to weather conditions when preparing for this retreat.

All children under age of 18 must be accompanied by parent or guardian only. Wrist bands will be given to all children and parents with corresponding numbers to help ensure safety during retreat. This option helps our staff significantly in cases of lost children, so please comply if bringing any young ones to enjoy as well.

No refunds, of any kind, will be provided after retreat has ended without proper submitted documentation to reasons why refund is needed. Any Refunds asked about 60 day before retreat start date, April 3rd, will be processed 30 days after event has ended on April 9th, 2024. All documentation must be submitted to [email protected] REFUND DOCUMENTATION LINK, (Google Doc Insert)

  • All ages are welcome!
  • Live bands & DJ’s each day and night.
  • Open fire circle for performers with fueling / spinoff station.
  • Open Skill Sharing.
  • No Drugs
  • Pets Welcome but must be on leash.
  • No ground fires! Above ground fire pits are permitted. Firewood will be provided, for purchase, from management located at teh entrance. First come serve until supply is used.
  • No alcohol will be provided for sale.
  • No climbing on bluff’s or natural rock formations.
  • Hiking trails overlooking wonderful scenic view atop beautiful bluffs & rock overhangs.
  • It will not be allowed to damage property in any shape way or form. Please help protect the natural rock formations.
  • Water access.
  • No power anywhere, all rustic camping will only be provided.
  • Cars must be left in parking area of venue only 100 yards from camping areas.
  • Any guest of campsite reservation holder will be charged a $25 parking fee upon arrival.
  • Only 2 vehicle stickers will be given per campsite reservation

Interested in being part of the music team? Submit an application on our music application page!

No refunds of any kind will be provided after reservation payment has been sent.

This is a leave no trace event meaning what you bring in must be taken when you leave or thrown away in event dumpster provided by management. 

Want to teach a workshop or share a skill at this retreat? Great, we will have open skill share areas set up all weekend. Please feel out one of our applications before January 1, 2024 to be selected as an instructor, live music performance, or vendor.

About Northern Lights Entertainment

Northern Lights Entertainment is a circus and flow arts business that was built with one main vision: “To bring flow art from around the world to the world, bridging the gaps between artists so they can start making new connections”. That has been the goal of the company since its founding in 2009 by Grant Harris & Jeff Goldman in Indianapolis, IN.

Northern Lights Entertainment has grown from hosting one night shows to having weekend long flow retreats throughout the Midwest with popular DJ’s, Instructor’s, Band’s & Performers. Please get in touch with our President, Grant Harris, for any booking information or info on how to run a safe and proper event.


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